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Posey shooting Seana with a Nerf gun whilst being naked



Armani Code Campaign from bone magazine. 

This actually cracked me up.  All of the footage of Chris in this film was hacked from his movies (Unstoppable and This Means War) and all of the new footage was body doubles and men who are definitely NOT Chris. 

And the Ivy Walls MV All I Want! 

It’s Bone Magazine’s Armani Code Campaign, sort of a remix, and it’s entertaining. not all of them are Chris Pine(It is attached in the end of the interview he did with Bone MAG in London though), most of us can easily tell which one is CP and which is not in the vid,  and it did show the face of some of the men, I personally think it won’t be much of problem after all? 

I’m going to edit this in the original post just in case though:) 



Armani Code Campaign from bone magazine. 

So, who made this? Because it’s not the best. Hopefully people don’t mistake this for the actual ad.

It’s the Armani Code Campaign made by Bone Magazine, as stated. 

But in case of other people getting confused, I’m going to edit for info. in the original post:) 

Have you ever googled yourself?

Of course I have. A frightening experience.

Chris Pine, the New Face of Armani 


via Bone Magazine 


Tyler Hoechlin apologising because he couldn’t come over to take pictures with fans
MTV Movie Awards
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